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Organizing Assets for reusability with Lightboxes

Just Before Christmas, What's New?

Hello everybody 👋 holiday season is coming, and before you go, we want to tell you about what we have been working on since we last talked.

Without further ado, let's dive into what's new in the Crystallize universe.


  • @crystallize/node-service-api-request-handlers has been released. We now have QuickPay integration showcased on Furniture Boilerplate v2 / Superfast. Beside Crystal Coin, Crystal Card, and Stripe. It is also worth mentioning that came with a new argument to indicate to the SDK if your prices in Crystallize are with or without taxes.
  • @crystallize/app-signal is released to be the glue between your app and the Crystallize App. Control the Crystallize App by toggling menus, switching languages, and building links to all areas in the app.
  • @crystallize/reactjs-components has been released. Mainly for the component where you now have an attribute you can set up if the API is empty. And if you did not provide an in the code.
  • Boilerplate v2 now has Razor Pay integration built-in (as well as SDK integration).
  • @crystallize/import-utilities has gotten a bunch of updates, exporting orders and customers from your tenant being one of them. Check out the version and its changelog for usage.
  • @crystallize/js-api-client is out. Simple new stuff: the Static Auth Token! Now it's possible to authenticate with it too, setting to three authentication methods:
    • sessionId: mainly used on *
    • AccessToken
    • StaticAuthToken


  • We renamed our application, and it now lives on the following address: No change is needed on your side.
  • In conjunction with the lightbox, we have a brand-new media component that makes moving images between products, components, and the asset organizer easier. With this, you don't need to upload new photos each time. Just reuse them.
  • You can now set videos directly on product variants in the app. Upload videos that better describe your products and give them some thumbnails and a title.
  • Apps are now accessible to everyone; they are no longer part of labs, so go ahead and start building your integrations.
  • We've revamped the order page, prettier than before and also linking to "live" product variants if the SKU exists for your tenant.
  • A handful of bugs have been fixed to provide our users with the best experience possible.
  • Turborepo now powers the Crystallize app; this doesn't change anything for our users. It just provides our team with a better and faster developer experience.
  • We want to provide you with the best experience possible, so we have added a command palette. From now on, you can just hit ⌘+k or ctrl+k to open the command palette on the Crystallize app, and it will be a game changer.
  • Images have a new field, meta. Adding one or more key-value pairs to the image metadata is now possible. Just head over to the assets, select your image, and you will see at the bottom a new card - Image metadata. Click the + button and start adding your metadata. And, of course, this information will then be available to query on the catalogue API.


  • We have been working on something really exciting. For now, let us say we will step up the game.
  • Various minor issues have been resolved. A problem with the product update mutation was removing variant component data.
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