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What's New For Autumn 2022

Hello everybody 👋  welcome to our exciting new LEARN segment where we are going to tell you all about what we’ve been doing during the summer, because it’s not all about team building.

Autumn is here, and with it, we bring you a lot of fresh-looking UI’s and new tools to help you build your superfast web shop 🚀

Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Remix boilerplate 😱

Want to use the latest and the tastiest in the web development industry? We have got you a Remix boilerplate

This is the first of many to come. We are in the process of rebuilding our boilerplates to share more and more code so we (and you) can reuse it even more.

Check out more about it in our blog post and our learn section

Thanks to the new boilerplates we’ve actually extracted different libraries:

JS API Client

This library provides simplifications and helpers to easily fetch data from your tenant. We are improving it and documenting it every day

ReactJS Hooks

This is the JS API Client wrapper for ReactJS using hooks

ReactJS Components

This brings Image, Grid, and Content Transformer components to ease your rendering when using ReactJS

Node Service API Router

This is the entry point of your Service API when you decide to decouple the Service API from your Frontend framework

Node Service API Request Handlers

This is a Node library that provides framework agnostic handlers/helpers for your Service API

Import utilities

Many changes and improvements, especially in terms of reliability. We are also adding the capabilities that follow the changes in the API like Component on Variant. This library is key and we are going to improve it even more


This is experimental but working, the next version of the Crystallize CLI


We got a bunch of updates for the dashboard, here we go:

Brand new looking toolbar

Easier to understand and use

Redesigned sidebar

Building and managing your products is now easier with the updated sidebar, where the most used pages are at hand and everything else can be found under Settings

Facelifted date component

It’s now easy to input a date on your items

Components on product variants

Tell a different story for each of your product variants

The tenant identifier is now in the URL

Did we hear you want to have multiple tenants open at once? It’s now possible since we’ve moved the tenant identifier to the URL. You can easily share specific pages with your co-workers

Here is an example of how it looks now:

(Un)Publish all languages

With a single click, publish an item or a grid for all of your languages

Delete a fulfillment pipeline that has orders

 Delete a pipeline that doesn’t make sense anymore, even if it has orders in it


Create your own apps and access them within the Crystallize UI without having to navigate away

Asset organizer

View or edit all of your images in one place, easier and faster. It’s also possible to assign topics to images. Want to read more? Here is a link to a blog post


Grid layout now has two new fields: rowIndex and colIndex

You can now query this rowIndex and colIndex on each Grid cell layout, making it super easy to create a CSS grid from your Crystallize grid 🤓

Product variants now support videos

We are still working this one out on the dashboard (stay tuned) but if you really need to have videos on your variants, the API now supports it

Signed requests

Starting with Apps, outgoing requests from Crystallize will be signed with a signature that you can use to validate that the request was indeed coming from us, not from a malicious third party. Learn more about signature verification here.

That’s all we got for now, see you in the next one 👋

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