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Fast eCommerce Apps with Svelte

Svelte and SvelteKit offer a fresh perspective on web development, emphasizing efficiency, speed, and developer experience. Instead of interpreting the code at runtime, Svelte has an advantage in transforming your code into perfect JavaScript while it is still in development.

Use SvelteKit to build your entire app or add it to an existing codebase.

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SvelteKit: Web Development, Streamlined

SvelteKit is the official application framework for Svelte. It's designed to provide developers with the tools they need to build any application, from single-page apps (SPAs) to full-blown server-rendered multi-page apps.

Powered by both Svelte and Vite, SvelteKit is fast in everything: setup, development, builds, page loads, and navigation. Add Crystallize, and you get the powerhouse tech combo.

Whether you're building an SPA, MPA, SSR, or SSG, SvelteKit has got you covered. It's designed to run wherever JavaScript runs, often with zero configuration.

Svelte Starters

We are just starting our journey with Svelte and SvelteKit. Join us.

DOUNOT SvelteKit Boilerplate

Minimal eCommerce boilerplate to give you the taste of SvelteKit as the frontend framework, Houdini as GraphQL client, Tailwind for styling, and Crystallize as eCommerce backend.

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Power Your Best-of-Breed Stack. Power of Composable Commerce with Modern Front ends.

Power Your Best-of-Breed Stack

For many businesses today, settling on a front end is just the beginning of building a future-proof stack. Going the composable commerce route lets you choose each commerce service/feature to fit your business needs. The Svelte + Crystallize powerful listener/webhook system allows you to decouple your architecture fully—a genuine best-of-breed approach.

Not sure If Svelte Is the Right Choice for You?

No worries. Take one of our open-source frontend boilerplates for a spin. Get the ins and outs of what is possible with Crystallize.

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