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Page Speed ROI Calculator

Conversion rates go up with every second that your website loads faster. Check the revenue faster pages may generate for your online store.


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Crystallize EmployeePlanet earth

Spare the planet 179.0 kg CO2 per month.
Just trim off as little as -500 kB+ from your site.
Kinda the same as planting 3.9 trees.
That is if you have -1,000,000 + visits per month.

Increased Conversion faster Site Speed

Increased conversion is the number that puts a monetary value on several of the benefits mentioned here. This is also what you get from the ROI calculator above. It is a very concrete number. Your conversion rate will go up by between 1 and 3 percent if your page loads in under a second.

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Improved User Experience

With a faster webshop, the user experience is simply more pleasant. Users do not like waiting. A snappy experience has many positive effects on customer experience, with the increased number of pages clicked, longer sessions, reduced bounce rates, and more likely to get returning visitors. Faster is simply better.

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Better Search Engine Ranking

Google takes into account the site speed of your website when search results are ranked. Basically, you get higher up in the search results when your site is fast. Check out our frontend performance checklist for tips on how to make this happen.

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Paying Less for Google Ads

The price of Google Ads is a dynamic changing algorithm. One of the factors is the site speed, as a component of the page experience from Google. With a good page experience, you pay less for Google Ads.

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Reduced Environmental Footprint

The internet accounts for something around 3.7% of all greenhouse gas emissions today. You can directly affect how much energy users use your website and lower CO2 emissions by making it faster.

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