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PIM & eCommerce GraphQL API

Crystallize is PIM with a twist. You manage both product information and rich marketing content that are available in real time via our fast API. No caching required. Images and videos are magically transcoded and delivered directly from an edge near you. In addition the eCommerce API enables you to have a super scalable order intake with orchestration with fulfilment pipelines.

PIM eCommerce API with GraphQL Playground

API Documentation in GraphQL Playground

The headless eCommerce & PIM API in Crystallize are built using GraphQL. The API documentation is provided directly in the PIM administration UI. Build your queries and explore the API documentation directly while editing products and marketing content.

eCommerce PIM API Documentation

Bring your own frontend

The concept behind a headless PIM and headless eCommerce is that you can tailor your own frontend. Build a beautiful & fast JAMStack eCommerce, App, in store shopping kiosk or something new. You can build it all on top of the fast GraphQL API in Crystallize.

Crystallize also comes with open source boilerplates that are production optimized starting points for you to tailor your own eCommerce experience. Check out the JAMStack eCommerce boilerplate using NextJS.

Developer Guides

To get started with our APIs more quickly we have written some developer guides with sample queries for using the catalogue API, eCommerce order API and webhooks

Concepts in Crystallize

Crystallize contains several abstract concepts to enable you to build beautiful information architecture to support your eCommerce. The concepts are explained in the learn section containing resources and guides

Concepts include: