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Case Studies

Reimagining A Case Study on Enhancing Performance and User Experience Through Next.js and Crystallize

Enriching online shopping experience amidst a challenging furniture market with Next.js and Crystallize.

Increased Conversion Rate and Performance Boost for a Premium Nutrition Manufacturer

72% increased conversion rate and 3 seconds faster load times on average just by moving from Magento to Crystallize. Not bad.

Performant Website for Performance Ski Boots

ZipFit needed a modern website that performed well to help them continue to grow. Next JS + Crystallize delivered everything they needed.

Odds Ballklubb Launching a New Subscription Based Over the Top (OTT) Streaming Service Gullpila

Gullpila delivers engaging live and on-demand HD video content to Odds Ballklubb football club fans and represents a new direct revenue stream for the club.

Nuwo: Homeoffice as a Service on NextJS and Crystallize

Nuwo is a home office-as-a-service solution that provides companies with personalized online stores from which their remote employees can pick and choose furniture/equipment for their home office.

The Project That Brought Crystallize To Life: Skien’s Cykkelfabrik

We have server-side rendered React using an early version of the Next.js framework on the front end and Crystallize powering the backend for complete product information, product storytelling, and order fulfillment management.

70% Sales Boost with Crystallize As Subscription Management Solution

NextJS on the front + Crystallize on the back for content management and subscription management for new blazing-fast BUNAD Magasinet website.

Carlings Digital Collection

Scandinavian retailer Carling’s stunt with Digital Collection influencing people to think differently about clothes, in general, was backed by a headless commerce architecture.

Digital Expertise from Our New Partner Squareball

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Squareball! Based in Berlin, Manchester, and Poznan, their team has everything you need – reliable product management, rigorous UX, innovative design, and rock-solid full-stack development.

kovald for Digital Marketing Services Worldwide

We are very happy to announce our partnership with kovald, a Greek firm that was born to change the way of doing e-Business in Marketing and Consulting.

Aplia Gives You a Simpler Web Life

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with our neighbors Aplia, a Norwegian consulting company with strong web development expertise and knowledge that gives you a simpler web life.

Norwegian Expertise in Digital Solutions from Seeds

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Seeds, a flexible technology and development company that contributes to value creation by connecting people and digital solutions.

Software Development Company Neoito New Crystallize Partner

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Neoito; a full stack development company with customers from the US, UK, Norway, and Sweden. They have a partner office in Oslo. 

Nordic Customer Experience Agency Creuna New Crystallize Partner

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Creuna, the largest customer experience agency in the Nordic region. They create solutions within the areas of design, technology, advertising, and content as well as consulting and management and provide smooth and memorable online experiences.

Digital Agency Nerds and Company First Crystallize Partner in the Netherlands

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Nerds & Company, a cool Dutch digital agency with offices in Enschede and Amsterdam. They design and develop powerful and smart digital campaigns, software, sites, mobile apps, and e-commerce solutions.

Apollo Koa Implementation for a Multi Tenant GraphQL API

This Apollo Koa implementation is created for our multi-tenant headless ecommerce service Crystallize. It is heavily inspired by apollo-server-koa but leverages koa’s middleware paradigm, thus making it easy to add path parameters, which is our preferred way of making our API multi-tenant. A feature like this was suggested for the official implementation several times, but since this didn’t seem to gain any traction, we implemented it ourselves and released it as open-source.

Digital Agency S'nce Group from Switzerland New Partner

We’re glad to welcome S’nce Group as our first Swiss-Italian partner. S’nce Group is a full-service digital agency in Switzerland that manages a wide range of complex digital projects for some of the top brands from around the globe and we are very happy to announce our partnership with these guys.

Swedish Digital Production Agency Aino New Crystallize Partner

We are happy about our new partnership with Aino. They are a Swedish digital production agency located in Gothenburg where they design and develop beautiful and impressive e-commerce solutions.

The First Crystallize Partner: Formidable

We are proud to welcome the JavaScript engineering consultancy Formidable as the first official partner to Crystallize. After getting to know the team we are super impressed by their skills and their attitude towards leveling up their peers and customers. This is a team we are very much looking forward to being working with.

Digital Agency TRY Apt Our First Nordic Partner

We’re happy to announce our new partnership with TRY Apt, a top digital agency in Norway. TRY Apt creates powerful and engaging digital communication for some of the largest brands in the Nordic region.

Leading ecommerce Agency Aioma Is Our First Partner in Switzerland

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Aioma, an ecommerce agency located in Zurich, Switzerland. Aioma is Switzerland's leading specialist agency for digital commerce and e-commerce.