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Product Updates

Fast Search API Service for eCommerce

For many businesses, site search comes as an afterthought, while in reality, if done right, it can be another significant revenue stream.

Managing Stock Locations In Crystallize

You can now manage your product’s stock across multiple locations easily with Stock Locations.

Multilingual Jamstack eCommerce

The ability to offer a personalized, localized experience to your customers fast is hugely important for today’s businesses. With that in mind, let’s talk about Jamstack, ecommerce, and multilingual setup.

Beautiful Sales Reporting With Push Button Export

Export your data with a simple push-button copy-paste to a spreadsheet. Use the sales insight to support better decisions for your online business.

Blobs vs Chunks: Introducing Content Chunks

TL;DR chunks give more possibilities of re-use, logic, and referencing other content. Future-proofing and time-saving.

B2B Pricing, Multi-currency and Discounts With Price Variants

Price variants allow you to build a pricing scheme for your products to support B2B, B2C, international multi-currency sales, or discount management. In Crystallize you define global price variants that apply to all products. The user guide shows how price variants work.

Smaller Images With AVIF for Faster Websites

A few months ago we wrote about using webp in React and its benefits for frontend performance over traditional image formats like jpeg and png. Now there is a new kid in town, AVIF. This image format promises better compression than webP at no loss of quality. We just added AVIF support to our website and saw a big reduction in size. Let’s put it under the microscope.

Video Streaming for JAMstack Websites and Apps

Video is great for creating beautiful customer experiences. When building your site using the JAMstack strategy you can use the Crystallize API to easily add streamable HD videos. Transcoding and delivery are all managed for you. You just need to focus on the frontend experience, Crystallize handles the rest. Here is how.

Structured Content PIM with Products of Any Shape

At Crystallize we are information architecture geeks, well at least many of us. We believe in the natural state of product information and providing the building blocks so you can create the product shapes that fit your products and market. This is the underlying design criteria when creating the concept of product shapes in Crystallize. So you can build a tailor-made ecommerce experience and ultimately sell more products. In any channel.

Matrix Based Product Information Management with Grids

Matrix-based organization of products enables information architecture that is not easily done with hierarchical or topic map-based organizers. The grid organizer gives you a powerful product information management tool to build powerful taxonomies for your ecommerce. Simply manage products in a grid with drag and drop. Easy.

Crystallize Terms of Service Weighing in at Only 38% of Slack's

We just finalized the legal stuff for Crystallize together with the brilliant team at Bull, what a great name for a legal firm btw. We wanted to have friendly and balanced terms of service to reflect our philosophy and customer focus. Slack, which we think is awesome, set the bar at about 5900 words. The Crystallize terms of service count today 2272 words which is just 38,5% of what the great team at Slack has, and that is including the order form.

Over The Top Video with AWS Media Services Integrated with Crystallize Subscription Commerce

Crystallize is designed to rapidly launch new subscription-based digital services. Integrated with over the top (OTT) live and on-demand video delivery with AWS Media Services you have a game-changing recipe. Allowing brands to launch new subscription-based streaming services at an unprecedented pace.

Milliseconds Matter: Fast APIs Matter

Our friends at Snowball recently stated that fast websites drive sales. In order to succeed in building fast-performing e-commerce websites, you need to make sure your API backend does not slow you down. There are many factors that make out the total perceived and measured frontend performance of a website of course. We are making sure that it is not lagging in our API. Our APIs typically respond in around 5ms.