Milliseconds matter: Developer comics

Developer comics: Everyday life as a developer at Crystallize. Do you find anything relatable? Maybe it's just us... A new comic is published every Friday. Follow Crystallize on Twitter to get notifications. 

Now, let's go Milliseconds Hunting.

Simple Math

Simple MathSimple Math

Two Shades of Black

Two Shades of BlackTwo Shades of Black

A Wild Pop-Up Appeared!

A Wild Pop-Up Appeared!A Wild Pop-Up Appeared!

I Want To Understand

I Want To UnderstandI Want To Understand

Under Pressure

Under PressureUnder Pressure

Breaking The Ice

Breaking The IceBreaking The Ice

Romantic By Design

Romantic By DesignRomantic By Design

Can't Touch This

Can't Touch ThisCan't Touch This

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It TakesWhatever It Takes

The Trap

The TrapThe Trap

Choose Your Class

Choose Your ClassChoose Your Class



Tabs vs Spaces

Tabs vs SpacesTabs vs Spaces



Oh Yeah, I Totally Get It!

Oh Yeah, I Totally Get It!Oh Yeah, I Totally Get It!

The Essence

The EssenceThe Essence

Rest vs GraphQL

Rest vs GraphQLRest vs GraphQL





Image, Please!

Image, Please!Image, Please!

Server Timings

Server TimingsServer Timings

PNG vs WebP

PNG vs WebPPNG vs WebP

Communication: Over 9000

Communication: Over 9000Communication: Over 9000

A Modern Polyglot

A Modern PolyglotA Modern Polyglot

I Respect Your Criticism But...

I Respect Your Criticism But...I Respect Your Criticism But...



High Hopes

High HopesHigh Hopes

Time to Interactive

Time to InteractiveTime to Interactive

Captain Unicorn

Captain UnicornCaptain Unicorn

The Monster Piece

The Monster PieceThe Monster Piece

A Quick Fix

A Quick FixA Quick Fix

It's Just A Rough Sketch

It's Just A Rough SketchIt's Just A Rough Sketch

Can't Be Unseen

Can't Be UnseenCan't Be Unseen



Favourite Drinks

Favourite DrinksFavourite Drinks

Less Is More

Less Is MoreLess Is More

No Code Splitting vs Code Splitting

No Code Splitting vs Code SplittingNo Code Splitting vs Code Splitting

Keyboard Variants

Keyboard VariantsKeyboard Variants

Frontend Performance Visualized

Frontend Performance VisualizedFrontend Performance Visualized

When Client Has a Vision

When Client Has a VisionWhen Client Has a Vision

A Helping Hand

A Helping HandA Helping Hand



This is Fine

This is FineThis is Fine

Old School vs Serverless Deployment

Old School vs Serverless DeploymentOld School vs Serverless Deployment

Languages as Cars

Languages as CarsLanguages as Cars

Home Office

Home OfficeHome Office

No Verify

No VerifyNo Verify

Blame the Compiler

Blame the CompilerBlame the Compiler

Positive Space

Positive SpacePositive Space

Adjustment Table to the Rescue!

Adjustment Table to the Rescue!Adjustment Table to the Rescue!

Christmas Spirit

Christmas SpiritChristmas Spirit

Deploy Status?

Deploy Status?Deploy Status?

When Dreams Come True

When Dreams Come TrueWhen Dreams Come True

Time to Estimate

Time to EstimateTime to Estimate

Spaghetti Monster

Spaghetti MonsterSpaghetti Monster

Responsive Design Madness

Responsive Design MadnessResponsive Design Madness

Make It POP

Make It POPMake It POP

Recurring Nightmare

Recurring NightmareRecurring Nightmare

Developer vs Designer

Developer vs DesignerDeveloper vs Designer



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