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High-Performance Store with Astro eCommerce

🚀Astro allows the building of fast content sites, powerful web applications, dynamic server APIs, and a variety in-between. It's an all-encompassing framework that includes a component syntax, file-based routing, asset handling, a build process, bundling, optimizations, and data fetching.

Performance is a major focus in Astro. It removes unused JavaScript, renders to HTML for better Core Web Vitals, conversion rates, and SEO.

Product Storytelling Using Remix Run
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Astro framework's emphasis on performance, coupled with its extensibility and support for various front-end libraries, makes it a promising choice for developers looking to optimize their web projects.

You can continue using your favorite UI frameworks and libraries thanks to Astro's extensive integration capabilities.


Astro eCommerce Templates

Leveraging next-gen front-end architecture (Islands Architecture), which automatically streams JavaScript to HTML, we've built the following templates with the idea of enhancing the developer experience and performance of the website.

Render the entire site to static HTML during the build process, removing all JavaScript from the final page.

Open source Frontend Optimized Boilerplates eCommerce Starter

It is a new era not only for web developers but also for businesses relying on product storytelling. Astro promotes a separation of front-end and back-end concerns allowing it to deliver performance for pretty much any type of site.

Product Storytelling Using Remix Run
Power Your Best-of-Breed Stack. Power of Composable Commerce with Modern Front ends.

Power Your Best-of-Breed Stack

For many businesses today, settling on a front end is just the beginning of building a future-proof stack. Going the composable commerce route lets you choose each commerce service/feature to fit your business needs. The + Crystallize powerful listener/webhook system allows you to decouple your architecture fully—a genuine best-of-breed approach.

Not sure If Astro Is the Right Choice for You?

No worries. Take one of our open-source frontend boilerplates for a spin. Get the ins and outs of what is possible with Crystallize.

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