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Astro eCommerce Boilerplate Installation

The product storytelling boilerplate is a minimal eCommerce boilerplate built using Astro and Crystallize. You can also check out the live demo of this boilerplate.

What This Guide Covers

  • Setting up your project
  • Instructions for running the project
  • Accessing the development site
  • Folder structure of the boilerplate
  • Editing the components and the theme
  • Deploying the project

Getting Started

To get started, head over to GitHub and clone the repository. Make sure to install all the required packages by running the following command for both the folders:

npm install

Running the Project

Running the project in development is straightforward. To start the development server, run the following command:

npm run dev

Accessing the Development Site

Once the development server is running, you will be able to browse to http://localhost:4321/.

Folder Structure

This section provides you with a better understanding of the folder structure.


Contains all the components used throughout the application


Includes the GraphQL queries and mutations used to communicate with Crystallize.


Has all the individual pages the website contains.

Editing the Theme

All the theme related information can be edited in the tailwind.config.js file. This includes the colors, spacing, typography used throughout the application

Editing the Components

Components can be edited by heading over to the components folder in src.


The frontpage contains a grid and it is fetching all the grid related information (including the layout) from Crystallize. You can directly edit the grid in Crystallize for changes to take effect. Editing the styling such as the background and typography can be done in the grid-item component.


Individual product pages are using two components - one is the product component that contains the hero section, and the ‘Add to cart’ button and then the product-body component that can be edited to change the layout of the marketing information displayed on the page.

Cart, Checkout, and Confirmation

The basket, checkout, and the confirmation pages can be edited in their respective files located in the pages folder.

Please note that this boilerplate does not contain payment integrations such as Stripe. It is using a dummy payment method.

What is Astro?

Astro is a web framework that allows you to create lightweight websites by reducing the amount of JavaScript sent. It was one of the most used frameworks last years and rightfully so. The framework leverages concepts such as islands and is heavily customisable based on your requirements. What if you're too used to React, Svelte, Vue, or any other framework? You will be happy to know that Astro is framework agnostic and you can easily use your favourite UI framework to build your project.

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