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Product Information Management (PIM)

Powerful product modeling, digital asset management, and ​​super fast delivery make Crystallize the reliable product information layer dreams are made of. Craft unique and memorable product experiences and syndicate your product and merchandising to any channel, device, screen, or retailer. FAST.

Product Data Modeling

Perfectly model your product and content for maximum usefulness. Customize Shapes to help contextualize your products amid a world of content, and tell a better product story. Use data stored in Topic Maps and Grids to power smarter merchandising. Drag and drop rich media including documents, images, and videos into shapes, to be semantically fetched by a global CDN network⚡️



Customizable product templates that house all your rich data

Topic Maps

Topic Maps

Semantically draw relationships between products and markering



Smart and unified merchandising organization

Rich Content Mastery

  • Define custom product and content shapes using a library of rich components. 🎨
  • Import rich media like images, video, & documents. 🚛
  • Snappy asset delivery for your business via Global CDN. 📦
  • Tell your product stories in an awesome editorial UI. 📡

Semantically Involved

Without a holistic link between product and rich marketing content, a PIM looks just like a spreadsheet. Our Semantic PIM hosts and contextualizes products and rich marketing content, and helps you share the right story in the right way on each channel your customers interact with. This is at the heart of product storytelling.

Semantically Involved

Go International

A world is waiting to hear your products story, told to them in their own language. Craft bespoke messaging and content for different countries, natively from our Editorial UI. Collaborate seamlessly on international products, inventory, content, & marketing.

  • english
  • norwegian
  • russian
  • latin
  • german
  • elvish
  • maori
  • finnish

You can define as many languages as you want, these are just examples.


The common perception is that a unicorn should look like a horse-like animal with a horn on its forehead.


Solve your syndication woes. Crystallize publishes unified product information and merchandising to your storefront, PWA (progressive web app), in-store kiosks, digital product catalogs, ERP, and syndication platforms.


Warp-speed Syndication

Our Graph-QL foundation is high-speed delivery of semantically-organized product and marketing data. Our GraphQL API serves incredible amounts of data with minimal calls, ensuring snappy user experiences, higher conversion rates for your webshop and channels, with top Lighthouse Scores 💯

  • Single product
  • Product variant
  • Product list
  • Rich product
  • Price stock