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Our Answers section serves as a one-stop shop for addressing the most common questions, concerns, and inquiries that clients and users have had previously regarding eCommerce business in general.

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This section provides quick and easy access to essential information about eCommerce business. We’ve prioritized questions that our customers ask the most during the sales process and consultation.

To easily navigate our ANSWERS, we’ve divided the questions into the following categories:

Business Talk - To be on the same page, we need to speak the same language, and today’s business language is constantly changing.

eCommerce Essentials - Terms and terminology widely accepted in the eCommerce industry. 

Tech / Dev - We all know devs have their way of explaining things. Here we deal with tech that is present in eCommerce and explain it to everybody else.

Marketing Stuff - Every business needs a bit of marketing. Here we aim to help you understand what you can do for your business that you haven’t thought about.

💡Disclaimer. We’re Moving with the AI Tide🤖

As already explained, questions come from our talks with clients. The writing, however, is done with the help of ChatGPT (model GPT-4), oversighted and proofread by our team for accuracy and clarity, and enriched by our teams’ experience. Effective and efficient as AI is, AI is a tool that would be worth nothing without the experience of the people who are using it.

Spotlight Questions

Just a couple of answer previews so you know what to expect.

What Is Brand Equity? (Read more)
Brand equity is a multifaceted concept that encompasses the cumulative value, both tangible and intangible, derived from the perceived qualities, recognition, and reputation of a particular brand in the minds of consumers. (Category: Marketing Stuff)

What Is Online Visibility? (Read more)
With the ever-growing competition, it has become essential for businesses to prioritize online visibility. But what exactly is online visibility, why is it important, and what can you do about it? (Category: Bussines Talk)

What Are Priority Hints? (Read more)
Priority Hints is a specification in the realm of web performance, currently a draft in the W3C. (Category: Tech / Dev)

What Are Product Data Sheets? (Read more)
Product Data Sheets (PDS) are comprehensive technical documents that provide detailed information about a product's features, specifications, performance, and usage. (Category: eCommerce Essential)

What Is Price Steering? (Read more)
Price steering is a dynamic pricing strategy employed by online retailers and service providers to personalize and optimize the pricing of their products or services based on a variety of factors. (Category: eCommerce Essential)

What Is Churn? (Read more)
Churn, also known as customer attrition or customer turnover, is a crucial metric used in business to measure the rate at which customers cease their relationship with a company or service within a specific time frame. (Category: Bussines Talk)

What Is A/B Testing? (Read more)
A/B testing, also known as split testing, compares two versions of a webpage, email, or other user experience to determine which one performs better. It is a key tool in user experience (UX) research, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and, more broadly, in data-driven decision-making. (Category: Marketing Stuff)

What Are Cache Headers? (Read more)
Cache Headers are an essential part of HTTP designed to control the storing, reusing, and serving of cached copies of web resources. (Category: Tech / Dev)

Check the categories for more questions. Or, why not get in touch with us via the contact page or community Slack and ask us something you are not sure about.

We’ll do our best for ChatGPT to answer it🤖

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