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What Is a Brand Archetype?

A Brand Archetype is a universally recognized set of symbols, characteristics, and behaviors embodying a fundamental human desire, motivation, or value. It is based on the theory of archetypes, first proposed by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, which suggests that certain human behaviors are innate and universally understood.

In branding, these archetypes are utilized as a foundational framework to build a consistent, authentic, and compelling brand identity. It is an encapsulation of a company's personality, values, and mission that allows consumers to identify, connect, and engage with the brand at a deeper level.

There are typically 12 basic brand archetypes that marketers use. Please check the linked article for more information on them.

Understanding and choosing the right archetype can guide a brand's messaging, positioning, voice, and overall marketing strategy. It allows brands to tap into the subconscious expectations of their target audience, fostering a stronger emotional connection and engagement. It's important to note that while archetypes provide a foundational structure, they should be adapted and nuanced to align with the brand's specific values, culture, and goals.

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