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Web Development Live Stream Videos

The Livestreams demonstrate key features of Crystallize as well as integration with a number of different technologies. You’ll receive wisdom directly from the engineers and other folks who make Crystallize possible. The other sections also contain links to relevant livestreams, so keep an eye out for them.

Frontend Performance

Fast eCommerce with Cloudflare Using Next.js

Learn how you can launch your Next.js eCommerce storefront with super fast Service Workers from Cloudflare. No Lambda warmup, fast and beautiful user experience. Learn the possibilities of Cloudflare Service Workers in combination with Next.js hosted frontend.

Site Speed Auditing

Join us for a session of speed auditing eCommerce sites. We'll compare performance and talk about ways to improve the performance score of your own eCommerce site.

Better Performance for Your Next JS Websites

In recent times many companies are adopting Jamstack as their web dev architecture to deliver better performance for their websites. However, there is a hidden problem lurking beneath the surface and it affects the same performance they are looking to tackle.

Headless Architecture with GraphQL Service API

Stavros (Partner Manager) and Håkon (Head of Engineering) talk about modern headless architecture and Crystallize Service API that has the purpose to tie all the different services you’d be using together and present it to any given frontend.

Image Handling for Web Performance

Serving images properly on your website is tightly associated with not only performance but also user experience. In this video, we go through the best practices for handling images for the web with SEO, performance, responsiveness, and user experience in mind.

Protecting Your API with Access Tokens

In this Livestream, we are talking about authorization in the Catalogue API and exploring ways how you can add an additional security layer when accessing Crystallize data.

GraphQL Middleware for Headless eCommerce with Crystallize Service API

The modern approach to eCommerce requires using a stack of multiple services, each performing a part of the business logic. A decoupled architecture like this needs a modern middleware to sync between the services, handle parts of the business logic, webhooks and be the single point of reference for all modern frontends.The following Livestream video shows you how the new Service API can be the GraphQL middleware to do all of the above.

Let's Talk About Headless

Headless as a term has come a long way from being a buzzword. In this Livestream video, Stavros (Partner Manager at Crystallize) discusses headless with our CEO Bård Farstad.

Internet Craftsmanship

Headless eCommerce Livestream Video: What? Why? How?

In this session Stavros (Partner Manager) and Bård (CEO of Crystallize) talk about what is headless eCommerce, why, when, and how to use it.

Introduction to Content Modeling for Headless eCommerce

This introduction to content modeling walks through the definition of content modeling. The process of content modeling. Finally, we dive into real-world examples of how you can model content and product information in Crystallize.

Structured Data and SEO

Learn how the semantic web with structured data is good for SEO. How Google uses structured data for enhancements, how you can use structured data and how you can test and verify this.

Headless Architecture for eCommerce Performance

The core concept of the headless approach is to decouple the backend services like PIM, eCommerce, CMS, Payment, .etc from the frontend. But what are the benefits of that approach? In this session where we discussing headless architecture for eCommerce.

Content Modeling Using Figma

In this Livestream, we discuss the basics of content modeling in order to explain the design system we just made in Figma for content modeling. This is going to streamline your workflow in Crystallize even more and make it much faster.

SEO Checklist for Everyone

One of our most popular best practice pages is the SEO checklist. You have requested a Livestream on this topic so we’ve finally managed to get Bård on with the idea. This is the basic stuff for developers, architects, and basically anyone on the content side of your website.

Introduction to Content Modeling with Crystallize Shapes

Modeling is the most important step of any application, as it defines the ideas and direction of both product and content marketing.

Taxonomy for Product Information Using Topic Maps

A great taxonomy can improve how your customers find the right product faster, allow for better navigation structures, and provide better product descriptions. By properly tagging your products with topics that describe different concepts you will ultimately increase your eCommerce conversion rate. We will be using the topic maps in Crystallize to demonstrate how you can add a rich taxonomy to your product information.

Boilerplate Videos

Bootstrap Your Tenant with Crystallize CLI

The following Livestream video will help you learn how you can bootstrap your Crystallize tenant with shapes and data.

Building an eCommerce Website with Next JS

In this Livestream video, Stavros (Partner Manager) and Didrik (Head of Design) will show you what do you need to do, from creating a tenant to going live, on a project built with our Next JS boilerplate.

Building a Webshop (Part 1)

Your site speed and performance play a great role in getting highly ranked in Google. During this event, we are building a tailor-made webshop Live using our Crystallize NextJs boilerplate. We will be customizing, configuring, and finally deploying it on Vercel.

Building a Webshop (Part 2)

Continuing from our previous Building a Webshop Livestream, we will show you how to modify the already set up Next.js boilerplate by customizing product shapes, UI and redeploying all of that using Vercel.

Building a Webshop (Part 3)

In the final part of Building a Webshop Livestreams, Didrik (Head of Design at Crystallize) will be adjusting the UI to the latest update on custom shapes and pages and finally redeploying that using Vercel.

Set Up and Deploy Crystallize Service API & Boilerplate

This Livestream video is all about deploying your headless infrastructure with the Crystallize Service API and one of the open-source boilerplates. We will divide the steps to running each of the boilerplates locally, all the way to finally deploying to Vercel and testing live.

Vue Webshop Using Nuxt JS

Following up on our open-source boilerplate releases are Vue.js and Nuxt.js boilerplates. In this Livestream video, we’ve gone through how you can boot up with a new project, and get started with Crystallize if you are a Vue.js developer.

Building an eCommerce Storefront with Gatsby JS

Bård, CEO of Crystallize, and Dhairya Dwivedi our rockstar frontend developer are walking you through the updated version of Crystallize open-source Gatsby JS boilerplate.

React Native eCommerce App

Going headless means you can use your content in every channel and share it from a central service. Following the other open-source starting boilerplates of React and Gatsby, this time goes through the updated React Native app boilerplate.

Building a Vue.js Storefront with Nuxt.js & GraphQL

In this Livestream video, Victor Ribero another rockstar frontend developer from Crystallize will showcase our new eCommerce boilerplate using Vue.js and Nuxt.js.

Shop Examples

Export Your Product Catalogue to PDF with Crystallize

In this Livestream video, Stavros, Partner Manager, and Bård, CEO of Crystallize, are generating a product catalog via the Crystallize GraphQL API in PDF format. They are doing it live with an example and go through the code, which you can find here.

Building the Backend for Your Back-to-school Store with Crystallize

Setting up your backend is key when designing any ecommerce experience. It allows you to market and sell your products the way you want, after defining a content base. In this Livestream, we dive into an example of setting up a back-to-school eCommerce store.

Gift Cards and Vouchers with Crystallize

Learn how to create, handle and redeem gift cards and vouchers with Crystallize. We will go through different scenarios of how this can be enhanced to handle your specific business logic.

How to Set Up Vouchers in Service API?

In this session, we will go through the process of defining a set of Vouchers in Crystallize, and use them during checkout on the NextJS boilerplate.

Content Modeling for Online Food Store

Learn how you can design and implement a content model for an online food store. We will show you how you can use the open-source Figma design system for content modeling and implement the model in Crystallize. You also learn how you can create the content and how to access it via the GraphQL headless eCommerce API.

Design, Build and Launch React Norway Conference Site

React Day Norway 2021 happened online this year. Prior to the launch, we did a Livestream where we build the new conference website LIVE to kick off the call for papers.

Building Navigation with Topic Maps in Crystallize

Learn how you can build rich navigation using Crystallize Topic Maps, and combine products from different categories.

Google Recommendations AI for a Personalized eCommerce Shopping Experience

In this Livestream video, we’ve shown you how you can use the Google Recommendations AI service to create a personalized shopping experience on your webshop. A fully working implementation using React, Next.js, and Crystallize is used and shared in this session.

Building a Premium Video Streaming & Content Website With Paywall Using React + Next.js

This Livestream video covers how you can launch a site with members-only premium content. We discuss strategies for premium or member-only exclusive content and show how you can create this in Crystallize with video streaming powered by AWS Elemental. The frontend is using React / Next.js and is hosted on Vercel. Using Vercel Edge redirects to keep the site as fast for members and visitors.

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