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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital Asset Management (DAM) refers to software systems designed to centrally contain and manage an organization’s digital assets. A good DAM system allows everyone within an organization to quickly store, find, and retrieve assets from one place. It may even keep track of things like permissions and licensing. This not only saves time, but also reduces costs (such as redundant storage) and promotes brand consistency.

Crystallize has DAM integrated right alongside its product information management (PIM) and content management system (CMS) capabilities.

  • Images can be uploaded to your tenant in the traditional manner or even pasted into Crystallize from your clipboard, a function we call Magic Paste.
  • When you upload images and videos, they’re automatically resized and/or transcoded to modern file formats and made available on our global content delivery network (CDN). You can upload other types of files, too; they won’t be transformed or transcoded, but they’ll still be available on the CDN.
  • You can use our built-in Asset Organizer to manage your images, add metadata, download them in multiple sizes/formats, and more.
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