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Web Development Best Practices

Web Development Best Practices

The Best Practices section will help you understand and optimize critical components of the Internet Craftsmanship we are advocating.

Web development is advancing at a far faster rate than most of us would like. With that in mind, we are set out not just to help you make the best out of Crystallize but also to make the best out of the tech stack you are using for your business. The section is all about that, and it can be used no matter which tech stack you opted out for.

There are five pillars of the best practices:

Information / Product Architecture - How to structure your product universe in Crystallize (or any other solution). Content modeling with shapes, taxonomies with topic maps, relations, how to structure product categories, multiple markets, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - Here, we talk about SEO and CRO strategies from developers' and business perspectives. Things that can help you rank better and sell more.

Architecture - Here, we talk about frontend and backend, service API, webhooks, and integration (in general), i.e., how to stitch together a headless/composable architecture where Crystallize is one piece of the puzzle.

Frontend Performance - Best practices and insight on how to improve frontend performance.

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