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Jamstack Approach

Jamstack is short for JavaScript API and Markup. A JAMStack eCommerce strategy allows you to generate super-fast pre-generated markup. JavaScript and product information from the Crystallize PIM API using React to pre-hydrate SSR pages delivered on the edge is ideal for high performance and easy scalability.


React NextJS JAMStack eCommerce

Our open-source Jamstack eCommerce Boilerplate with NextJS & React delivers a JAMStack strategy for eCommerce with rich marketing content. Pre hydrated, or pre-generated, SSR pages are delivered directly from the edge. Vercel is used as a serverless hosting and CDN service to enable a full Jamstack strategy.

JAMStack eCommerce boilerplate

React Gatsby JAMStack eCommerce

Our open-source React + Gatsby Jamstack boilerplate delivers a Jamstack strategy using Gatsby for hosting. Gatsby can also be hosted on other CDNs.

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