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Webhooks and Events in Crystallize

Crystallize is generating events in its basis. Actions like creating an Order and updating a Product fire of events. You can subscribe to these events using the Webhook mechanism. Webhooks provide a way to call external functions based on event triggers within Crystallize.

Creating a Webhook

You can create a webhook in the Webhooks tab within Crystallize by clicking "Add webhook". You are then able to specify what type of REST call you would like to make to a specific URL. You are also able to specify any custom headers you may need for this request.

Select your Data

You are also able to define specific pieces of data (if any) you wish Crystallize sends as the body of the webhook request. This can be useful if you want to share data within Crystallize across other services, without having to make a separate request to retrieve that data.


Below you will find an example of using our open source NextJS boilerplate to place an Order and test our Webhook. We integrated with Slack for this one, but you may want to consider the to test yours.

Webhooks example
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