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Managing Price Lists

Let’s say you want to run a special Black Friday sale, set up vouchers, or ensure your preferred clients can buy from you at a discounted rate. How do you adjust the right product prices at the right times, for the right groups of people? With Crystallize, you can set up price lists to handle price adjustments automatically for the products, timeframes, and markets you want.

As price lists are applied to one or more markets, you’ll want to set up those markets first before defining the price lists that will affect them. Read more about creating markets here.

Price lists can be managed programmatically with the PIM API or within the Crystallize App. To get started with the App, you’ll need to enable the Price Lists feature within Labs. If you don’t know how to do this, you’ll first want to read more about enabling Labs features.

Once Price Lists are enabled, click the Price List button on the left-hand side of the screen. To create a new price list, click the plus sign button (+) at the top of the screen.

Defining price list

Here’s what you’ll need to specify for a new price list:

  • Name. At the top of the screen, type in a name for the price list.
  • Identifier. Auto-generated based on name, but you can change it. Provide a unique identifier for the price list, preferably something lowercase and all one word for ease of programming. (ex. blackfridaysale)
  • Start and End Date/Time (optional). You may specify a start and end date/time for when the adjustment should take effect. If no date/time is specified, the adjustment will go into effect immediately and will always be active.
  • Apply price list to all products. Leave this switch enabled if you want the price adjustment to apply to all products in your catalogue. Otherwise, disable it. You’ll need to add product variants to this price list later (more on this below).
  • Target Markets. Leave the Use price list for all markets switch enabled if you want the price adjustment to apply to all of your markets. Otherwise, disable it and select only those markets that should receive the adjustment. The price list must apply to at least one market.
  • Price variants. There are 3 price adjustment types to choose from: Percent (specify a percentage to raise/lower each price), Relative (specify a value that will be added/subtracted from each price), and Absolute (specify a value that will become the new price for every affected product). All of the price variants that you’ve defined for this tenant will be listed here. Click the checkbox beside each price variant you want to adjust and specify what the adjustment should be, using the Decrease by/Increase by drop-down menu to set a positive or negative adjustment. Next to the adjustment, you can specify the decimal point precision that the calculation should have.

Once you have some price lists and markets defined, the Price Lists main page will begin to display a timeline showing current and future price adjustments.

Price lists main screen

Adding Product Variants to Price Lists

Price lists are added to products at the product variant level. You can add product variant SKUs to a price list programmatically with the PIM API. Within the Crystallize App, there are two ways to do it. First, while using a product’s Nerdy View, you can select one or more product variants, then use the Add to price list drop-down menu to choose an active price list. Make sure to save the spreadsheet and publish the changes.

Add SKU to price list nerdy product

Second, you can browse to a folder full of products and choose Nerdy View from the View drop-down menu, if it’s not already selected. Click on the Variants tab, then select one or more variants by clicking on their row numbers. You can Shift+click or click and drag to select multiple items in a row, or CTRL+click/⌘+click to select more than one that aren’t adjacent. Once the items have been selected, click the plus sign button (+) next to the Add to price list label that appears at the bottom of the screen. Type the name(s) or click on the price lists(s) you want to assign, then click the Add to price list button. To preserve your changes without making them publicly available yet, click the Save Changes button in the top right of the screen. To save changes and immediately make them public, click the Save and Publish button.

Add product variants to price list folder nerdy view

Once product variants have been added to a price list, you’ll see a list of these variants when you return to the Price Lists screen and view the price list. You can make manual adjustments to discounts/prices, and remove variants using the Remove selected button. Again, make sure to save any changes.

Editing and Deleting Price Lists

Once a price list has been created, it will be listed on the left side of the Price Lists main screen. You can click on an existing price list to review/edit its constraints as needed. To delete a price list, click the action button (...) at the top of the editing screen and choose Delete.

Price List-Related Webhooks

You can (optionally) set up webhooks to subscribe to price list-related events. In Crystallize, events are fired whenever price lists are

  • Created
  • Updated
  • Deleted

You can set up a webhook, then come up with your own way of responding to events. For more information, read about defining webhooks here.

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