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Inviting Users

Once you’ve signed up for Crystallize and created a tenant, it’s time to start inviting users to your tenant.

Get invite

To invite additional users to your tenant, follow these steps within the Crystallize PIM user interface:

  • Go to Settings and click the Users label.
  • Click the Invite new user + button,  select an expire time, then click Get the invite link.
  • Copy and share the invite link with other users (your users must first create their own Crystallize accounts for this to work properly).

List of users

A list of all the users added to your tenant can be viewed in the Users section on the Settings screen.

User vs. Admin Access

By default, new users have user-level privileges within the tenant. They can perform most of the functionality the PIM UI provides, but they can’t perform any administrative tasks. To gain access to these abilities, a user must be promoted to Admin level. Click the (…) button on the right side of a user’s record to see the access level options available.

Once a user is promoted to Admin, they’ll gain access to additional screens under Settings:

  • API Access. This screen allows an Admin to change authentication settings for each Crystallize API.
  • Users. From here, an Admin can invite additional users to the tenant, adjust any other user’s access level, or remove users from the tenant.
  • Billing & Payments. An Admin can activate a Crystallize plan and manage payment details.
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