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Instant Creation and Navigation

The Crystallize App brings improved productivity to your fingertips. With a few simple keyboard shortcuts, the command palette simplifies tasks like creating items and switching between different operations and tenants. Type in what you’re looking for, and off you go.

Using the Command Palette

Anywhere within the Crystallize App, you can use CTRL+K or ⌘+K on your keyboard to bring up the command palette window. From here, you can start typing the name of a desired command to narrow down the available options.

Once you see the command you wish to perform, you can either use your arrow keys to highlight the command and press Enter to execute it, or click on it with your mouse.

You can dismiss the command palette window by pressing the Esc key or clicking elsewhere on the screen.

Command palette menu

Navigating the Crystallize App

Many of the commands under the command palette allow you to browse to different parts of the Crystallize App without having to use the sidebar. You can instantly go from your catalogue to your shapes, for instance, without navigating all the steps in between.

Item Creation

With the various Create commands, you can immediately get started defining new items:

Switching Between Tenants

The Switch tenant command allows you to switch to any other tenant to which you have access. You can read about other ways to switch between tenants here.

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