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Configuring Tax Groups

In Crystallize, you can define any number of different tax groups, or VAT groups, for a given tenant. When you create or edit a product, you can assign it to the appropriate tax group.

Managing Tax Groups

A tenant's tax groups can be managed via the PIM API or the Crystallize App. To do so, you'll first need the requisite permissions for Tax Groups (read, create, etc). Refer to our documentation on roles and permissions for more information.

Within the Crystallize App, you can click the Settings icon on the left-hand side of the screen, then select the Tax groups label. Define new tax groups by clicking the Add tax group button. Once created, you can use the action buttons (…) on the right side of each tax group card to edit or delete it.

Tax groups screen

Crystallize tax groups are assigned on the product level (1 tax group per product), and do not account for the market(s) in which those products may be sold. If you’re conducting all of your business within one state/market, this may be sufficient. But if you’re selling to multiple countries and/or US states, it’s recommended that you use a service dedicated to tax compliance within those regions. Examples of such services include:

You can also override and add custom tax logic within our Service API. As a developer using our APIs, you have full control and flexibility.

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