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Signing Up For A Crystallize Account

Getting started with Crystallize is both free and easy. This guide will walk you through getting your own account and logging into the Crystallize App.

Creating Your Account

A Crystallize account is necessary for accessing tenants and virtually anything else you'd like to do with the platform. Signing up is free. To start the signup process, visit this signup link.

Crystallize signup page

You'll be asked to provide the following information:

  • An email address for the account, or an existing login you'd like to use (Google, GitHub, Facebook, or Twitter).
  • Your name.
  • A name/identifier for your first tenant (typically your organization's name).

After completing the process, you should be logged into the Crystallize App and see the Dashboard. If so, you can skip to reading about the Dashboard and your first tenant. If not, continue with the login process below.

Logging Into the Crystallize App

The Crystallize user interface, or App, is easy to access. Simply visit You'll be prompted to log in by whatever method you established during the account creation process. You could also log in by sending a magic link to an email address that you provide.

Crystallize login screen

Your First Tenant

Once logged in to the Crystallize App, you'll see the Dashboard. The Dashboard contains tutorial info, links to help and documentation, blog articles, and a changelog of the latest releases. On the left-hand side of the screen, you'll see buttons for all the features to which you have access. You're currently viewing your own tenant, for which you are a Tenant Admin. Therefore, you have full access to these features.

Crystallize dashboard

In Crystallize, you can potentially be given access to many tenants, but you will only see/work with one tenant per browser tab. To see what tenant is currently active, you can click the Crystallize logo in the top-left corner. This will also expand the left side of the screen and show you the names of all the available features.

The tenant you're working with will also be reflected in the URL of this page. You'll see your tenant's identifier embedded within the address, like this: https: // If you later invite users to your tenant, you'll be able to share links like this with them if, for instance, you want them to look at a specific item in your catalogue.

Main menu expanded

What's Next?

From here, you may want to:

 We've got that and much more in our Getting Started section.

 If you'd like to learn more about populating your tenant with content, you can read more about:

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Need further assistance?

Ask the Crystallize team or other enthusiasts in our slack community.

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