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Product Information

A product in Crystallize is anything you would like to sell to your customers. The product information includes both core attributes like SKU, stock, and price, as well as rich marketing content. Similar to documents, you can define the structure of your products with the help of content modeling using shapes.

Products in boilerplate

Product Types

Modern business models include different types of products. In Crystallize, you can have physical products (like books) or virtual products (like software).

Managing Products

You can create and edit products in the Crystallize App or the PIM API. The Catalogue API can be used to retrieve product information. Refer to our sample query for fetching a product available at our example repository.

Every product has at least one product variant associated with it. One of these will be designated as the default variant.

Plant product example

Product-Level Data

Data/content that can be stored and queried at the product level includes:

More is available at the product variant level.

Product Marketing Content

Marketing content is typically the product story with information like origin details and pictures, material details, closeup photos, and video tutorials. These can be defined in the product shape itself.

Product Marketing Content

Multilingual Translation

If you have more than one language defined within your tenant, there will be multiple translations of each product that you can configure separately. See our Configuring Languages page for more information.

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