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Grid Organizer

In some cases, having only a tree organizer can be limiting. We came up with the grid organizer concept to give you another tool for organizing products, documents, and folders.

A grid organizer is simply a fixed grid. You’re free to define the number of rows and columns, and also the sizes of individual grid cells.

What can you use grids for?

The grid is designed as a semantic grid where you can apply the meaning that fits your case. It’s possible to add meta information to the different cells.

Here are a few examples of what you can use grid organizers for:

  • Point of Sale (POS) display of products on a fixed grid for the cash registry
  • Grouping of the most important products from a sub-tree
  • A Christmas calendar with 24 cells in a grid

Example: The plant grid on our demo website.

Creating grids

As mentioned above, you can add any number of rows or columns as you deem necessary to create a grid. The grid organizer can be found in the main menu in the Crystallize App.

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