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Product Variant

Every product in your catalogue has at least one product variant associated with it. One variant may be all you need to represent a simple product, like a board game. However, if your product comes in different sizes, colors, formats, etc., then you’ll want to define multiple variants for your product, one for each of the available combinations.

Managing Product Variants

Using Nerdy View within the Crystallize App, it’s easy to create and manage multiple product variants at once. Here’s an example of a couch available in several colors:

Product variant example

You can also create product variants using the PIM API. The Catalogue API can be used to retrieve product variant information.

Product Variant-Level Data

Data/content that can be stored and queried at the product variant level includes:

More is available at the product level.

Multilingual Translation

If you have more than one language defined within your tenant, there will be multiple translations of each product variant that you can configure separately. See our Configuring Languages page for more information.

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