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What Is A Price Variant?

In Crystallize, a price variant is a specific price defined by a name, identifier, and currency. Price variants can be used to define prices like retail prices, sales prices, membership prices, employee prices, and international export prices. They also allow you to handle multiple currencies.

Managing Price Variants

A tenant's price variants can be managed via the PIM API or the Crystallize App. To do so, you'll first need the requisite permissions for Price Variants (read, create, etc). Refer to our documentation on roles and permissions for more information.

Within the Crystallize App, you can click the Settings icon on the left-hand side of the screen, then select the Price Variants label. Define new price variants by clicking the Add variant + button in the top-right corner. Once created, you can use the action buttons (…) on the right side of each price variant entry to edit or delete it.

Price variants screen

Adjusting Prices

The price variant values for product variants can be adjusted programmatically with the PIM API or manually within the Crystallize App, using either Pretty View or Nerdy View.

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