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Order Fulfilment Pipelines

Whenever you receive an order, you must deliver something to your customer. This is called order fulfilment. The specific steps required to fulfill each order are different depending on the type of product being sold and your particular business setup. If you sell downloadable software, you’ll run through a different series of steps than someone who sells custom-built bicycles. Some businesses perform their entire fulfilment process themselves, while others rely on third parties (such as Amazon).

Order Fulfilment in Crystallize

Within Crystallize, you can set up any number of fulfilment pipelines and define the steps to properly represent your own fulfilment processes. These pipelines are then used to track and manage orders as they proceed through fulfilment. Webhooks can be set up to listen for order-based events and to fire as orders progress through the pipeline (for instance, to email a customer when their order has shipped).

Fulfilment pipelines and order progression can be handled with the PIM API or within the Crystallize App.

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