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API Endpoints

Crystallize provides different GraphQL APIs to query and mutate data from your PIM, letting you access and manage your products, documents, orders, and webhooks in a simple and intuitive way.

Catalogue API

The Catalogue API is the main endpoint for retrieving data from your tenant. With this endpoint, you can get data from your folders, products, and documents.

Search API

The Search API helps you perform deep searches of your tenant catalogue items like folders, products, and documents.

Order API

The Order API helps you to retrieve, create, update, and delete everything related to the orders of your PIM.


The PIM API is the central component powering Crystallize’s rich PIM system. With it, you can script and automate almost any action of the Crystallize App: creating, updating, deleting, and publishing folders, products, documents, price variants, webhooks, and everything related to your tenant.

The PIM API is in the process of being replaced by the Core API. While the PIM API will still be supported, all new functionality is only available in the Core API. The Core API endpoint is as follows:

Shop API

The Shop API provides a generic interface for managing carts.

Subscription API

The Subscription API powers any and all subscription eCommerce functionality.
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