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Subscription API

The Subscription API handles everything related to subscription plans and the subscription contracts associating subscription-based products with customers. You can query for information about subscriptions and track subscription usage for billing purposes.

Base URL

The Subscription API can be accessed via the following endpoint:

API Access

Authentication is required to access the Subscription API. Generate access token IDs and secret values to distribute to anyone who requires access.

Accessing via Browser

To explore the API using the GraphQL playground, you’ll need to add a browser extension such as Requestly or Modify Header Value that will pass your authentication credentials to the Subscription API. You’ll need to create X-Crystallize-Access-Token-Id and X-Crystallize-Access-Token-Secret headers with your access tokens, then add them to requests going to

Would You Like To Know More?

Here’s our blog post covering subscription eCommerce. And for a general overview of how subscriptions are modeled within Crystallize, check out this livestream:

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