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Price List

A price list is a price adjustment, permanent or temporary, applying to some or all product variants and some or all markets.

Price lists allow you to implement many useful eCommerce features like:

  • Special member or partner prices
  • Site-wide holiday sales
  • Marking down older products as newer ones are released

Every price list is defined by attributes such as:

  • Price type. The price type can be absolute (sets the price of the product(s) to a specified value), percentage (increments/decrements the original price by a specified percentage), or relative (increments/decrements the price by a given amount).
  • Target audience. The markets to whom the price list applies. You might have price lists that apply to all markets, or only to groups like students or subscribers.
  • Selected product variants. A price list might apply to one’s entire product catalogue, or to a subset of specified product variants (ex. older models that are being discounted).
  • Start and End Dates (optional). A price list might go into effect for a certain time period, such as Black Friday. Otherwise, the adjustments take effect immediately and are permanent until the price list is modified or deleted.

With Crystallize, you can create and manage price lists both through the Crystallize App and the PIM API

Multiple price lists may be applied to a single product variant, but the cheapest one will be selected in the priceFor property when the item is displayed, queried, or being purchased.

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