React Commerce with GraphQL. Tailor-made ecommerce in minutes.

Powerful product information management, blazing fast GraphQL ecommerce API and prodution ready React boilerplate. Get started within minutes with your next tailor-made e-commerce experience. This stack is awesome for frontend performance. Milliseconds matter.

Product Information Management

Managing your product catalogue is the very essence of your commerce. Product information management or PIM is where e-commerce starts. Manage products of any shape. Products with stock, variants, subscription ecommerce, rich media: no problem.

Blazing fast GraphQL commerce API

When your tenant is up and running you can easily fetch your data using GraphQL and isomorphic fetch. Ideal back bone for a React or React Native e-commerce experience. Test it live here:

Our React boilerplate gets you off to a quick start

We like you, so we made it easy for you to create your own custom React e-commerce front-end. Simply throw these lines in your terminal and you should be up and running. The boilerplate contains the essence of what you need for your next headless commerce with React SSR with Next.js enriched by the Crystallize GraphQL commerce API. The Open Source React commerce boilerplate is on GitHub.

npx @crystallize/cli my-project
Welcome awesome developer!

Which shop do you want to use?
❯ The demo shop - prefilled with lots of data
My very own tenant please

Installing all dependencies...
cd my-project
Well done!💪Your shop is set to go!⭐️
To start in development mode: npm run dev
To start in super fast production mode: npm run prod

Looks interesting?

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