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Price Lists for B2B and B2C Flexibility

Price Lists for B2B and B2C Flexibility

Besides your product/service, pricing is at the very heart of eCommerce. Customizing product prices in Crystallize has become a lot easier with the price list.

Price Lists for B2B and B2C Flexibility

There is already the concept of price variants in Crystallize that allows you to define any number of price variants per SKU. With the new price lists, you are able to create yet another dimension to the pricing structure combined with price variants, markets, and time.

Let us dig into it.

Price List for Black Friday Campaign Discounting

We always say that the best way to learn is by example. So, let’s say you have created a price list for one market to discount some products for a week. This is typically done for events like Black Friday (BTW, Black Friday eCommerce shopping should not mean your customers suffer from your online store bottlenecks).

A price list in Crystallize gives you the possibility to assign a specific discount for all or some product variants (SKUs).

We have just defined one market called B2C Europe. And we have created a price list Black Friday Campaign that lasts for a week. The modifier for this price list is a % based discount from the original Retail price (100 EUR). Each of the three products in this price list has gotten a unique discount (0%, 40%, and 50%).

You can choose between three types of discount types (modifiers):

  • Percent-based (e.g., 25% off)
  • Relative (e.g., 10 EUR off)
  • Absolute (19 EUR for SKU: XYZ)

Now in the example below, we have two customers, Ola and Kari. They get two different discounts as only the black Puma sneaker has a specific discount as part of the Black Friday price list.

This extra dimension on pricing allows you to adjust the prices for a specific market and time. Giving you the ease of mind to plan ahead and create discounted campaigns to boost sales.

Price List for Black Friday Campaign Discounting

Stacked Price Lists for B2B

Business to business is 5x the size of the B2C market. So, being able to manage the complexity of pricing for B2B is a key element of a modern eCommerce service. With price lists in Crystallize, you are able to support complex B2B pricing scenarios directly.

Let us consider the following example. You have a set of espresso machine products that are available in a market called B2B Europe. For the price list B2B Europe all products are discounted by 20%. That is the standard B2B price.

But you also have one client called Acme Inc. that has negotiated a special discount of 65% on the blue espresso machine. In this case, you can combine multiple price lists assigned to multiple markets.

The API in Crystallize will automatically give you the lowest price based on the product you are asking for and the markets assigned. This stacking of markets makes it super flexible to design prices for the market or over company hierarchies.

Stacked Price Lists for B2B

Developer Experience Included

The store managers can easily create and schedule price lists for both B2C and B2C, even with stacked duration and markets. The developer experience is also included.

The API automatically fetches the best price for the given combination of markets and price variants. Developers use that to generate the right price for authenticated users automatically.

Developer Experience Included

The resulting response from Crystalize automatically gives you the best price for any SKU. The example output below shows that the B2B Europe Standard kicks in for the first and third SKU while the special price for the Acme company kicks in on the second SKU in the list.

A bit nerdy, but as a developer, this is something you want to see.

Learn more about retrieving price list info from the catalog in Crystallize here.

The resulting response from Crystalize automatically gives you the best price for any SKU.

PIM for Price Lists

The are many use cases for price lists. Besides the Black Friday scenario, price lists are very useful when you need to offer a loyal client or valuable prospect a different set of prices or when you need to have variable pricing for different consumer categories.

Additionally, when we are talking about product merchandising, with Crystallize, you can use the price lists to generate PDF product catalogs with all the right prices for the different products in the different markets.

The usage of price lists in the context of PIM is very often to generate the correct price for a given customer in a given market - at a given point in time. It is a very flexible tool that gives you the ability to manage price fluctuations over time and meet your client's price demands and expectations.

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