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Over The Top Video with AWS Media Services Integrated with Crystallize Subscription Commerce

Crystallize is designed to rapidly launch new subscription-based digital services. Integrated with over the top (OTT) live and on-demand video delivery with AWS Media Services you have a game-changing recipe. Allowing brands to launch new subscription-based streaming services at an unprecedented pace.

Gullpila: Streaming Service Launched in Weeks

The first customer launched on this new platform is the subscription-based streaming service Gullpila for the Norwegian football club Odds Ballklubb. The combination of Crystallize, our ready-to-use React components and the AWS Media Services leaves just designing and building the user interface for the developers.

Headless Subscription Commerce for Custom React Front Ends

Crystallize is designed to be integrated into custom React front-ends. It manages the business logic to sign up, renew, grant, and revoke access for customers. That leaves the front-end developers the satisfying task of stitching it all together into a beautiful user experience. 

Developers have APIs ready in Crystallize to play with including:

  • Low latency GraphQL for product information
  • REST API for subscription status and more
  • Webhooks for automation of access and entitlement

Live Streaming with AWS Media Services

Delivering broadcast HD quality video over the top (OTT) used to be hard and time-consuming. The launch of AWS Media Services enables us to launch media services quickly. Suddenly it becomes a valid business model to monetize directly from live and on-demand video for small verticals and super-niches due to the fast time to market. 

Gullpila is based on the following AWS services for OTT video: