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Matrix-Based Product Information Management with Grids

Matrix-Based Product Information Management with Grids

Matrix-based organization of products enables information architecture that is not easily done with hierarchical or topic map-based organizers. The grid organizer gives you a powerful product information management tool to build powerful taxonomies for your eCommerce. Simply manage products in a grid with drag and drop. Easy.

Organizers for Information Architecture

Product information management (PIM) for a great eCommerce experience requires a well-executed information architecture. You need to organize products to enable different kinds of navigation or product presentation. Different use cases need to be supported, from showing the main offers on a landing page to organizing an efficient point-of-sale touch interface.

The main organizers in Crystallize are:

Matrix Based PIM with Grids

A matrix-based organization of products allows for a different kind of freedom in information architecture. Imagine a product landing page that showcases the most relevant products. Consider a 24 cell X-mas calendar or a point-of-sale (POS) interface. They both fit very well into a matrix-based grid organization of products. 

Or, if you want to add semantic meaning to row and column placement, consider the periodic table. Here, each row and column have a specific meaning related to the atomic number, electron configuration, and chemical properties.

Custom Grids with Drag and Drop

You can easily create a custom grid in Crystallize with any number of rows and columns. You can also combine multiple cells for additional flexibility. Add or move products simply by drag and drop. Super powerful, yet simple.

Check it out today with your own free tier Crystallize instance.