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Product Information Management (PIM)

Product information management, or PIM, means managing information required to market and sell your products and distribute it via any channel. Crystallize is PIM with a twist; you can manage all product information and your marketing content in a single system. Easily build engaging customer experiences for any channel; webshop, App, POS, in store or even print. Delivering unbeatable time to market with our hosted service. Our API and media delivery is optimized to get direct hits from production. No caching required. The idéal base for successful headless eCommerce.

PIM - Product information management.

PIM with a Twist

Crystallize is different. The real time eCommerce API on top of our PIM service is designed for production speed. You can point your eCommerce frontend or App directly to our API and have product and marketing content including transcoded images and videos ready on our fast CDN. A scalable eCommerce backend that is instantly production ready. Just sign up and create your Crystallize tenant and you are ready to go. PIM with a twist for juicy eCommerce experiences.

PIM with a twist for juice eCommerce

Product information & marketing content

Beautiful online shopping experiences consist of both product information and marketing content. Build a future proof information architecture that combines both rich product information with juicy marketing content. You can create products and documents that build the foundation for your eCommerce.

Product information and marketing content

Information modelling like a pro with flexible shapes

Products and marketing content comes in different shapes and sizes. Shapes are used to model the perfect product and documents structures that describe your products best. Keeping semantic clarity so you can re-use product information across any channel. Unique and tailor made.

Model custom shapes with a rich set of components including:

  • Rich text
  • Images
  • HD videos
  • Properties table
  • Semantic relations
  • GEO Location
  • Switches
  • Grid relations

Product information management (PIM) with flexible product shapes: check. Information modelling that fit your business, not the other way around.

Custom product shapes

Product variants for physical and virtual products

Physical products like bicycles or shirts are easily managed in Crystallize. You can keep track of product variants for different sizes, colors or cuts. The Crystallize PIM also helps you keep track of stock when products are sold or re-stocked. Product information management (PIM) for physical products: check.

PIM for physical products

PIM for virtual and recurring products

Today we live in a world of virtual products. A virtual product can be software, donations or in-game goodies like unlimited raspberries. With Crystallize PIM you can easily manage products that have no physical product to be shipped.

Add subscription plans to any products. Physical or virtual products can easily be sold with subscription plans. Easy peasy to make those recurring $$$ flowing your way.

Product information management (PIM) for virtual and recurring products: check.

Subscription commerce with recurring products

Perfect Taxonomies with Topic Maps

Taxonomies are used for relating relevant products together, create efficient navigation or even to track eCommerce seo. Create any number of topic maps in Crystallize. Attach topics to products or document.

The usage of topic maps are mainly intended to create better findability in your eCommerce solutions. Create navigation, association between products or complex information architecture using topic maps.

Topic maps product organizer pim

Matrix based Grid Organizer

In many cases having simply a tree based catalogue organizer can be limiting. We came up with the grid organizer concept to give you more flexibility for organizing products.

A grid organizer is simply a fixed grid - that you can define. A number of rows and columns. You can also decide the size of the different grid cells.

The grid is designed as a semantic grid where you can apply the meaning that fits your case. It is possible to add meta information to the different cells.

Here are a few examples of what you can use grid organizers for:

  • Point of Sale (POS) display of products on a fixed grid for the cash registry
  • Grouping of the most important products from a sub-tree
  • A Christmas calendar with 24 cells in a grid
PIM Grid Organizer