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Fast Vue.js Headless Storefront With Nuxt.js

Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. With this open source Vue.js storefront starter you get a fast and beautiful headless eCommerce webshop using Nuxt.js as the framework. A fast starting point for you to build your tailor made storefront. Check out the live storefront demo.

Vue.js + Nuxt.js storefront boilerplate PageSpeed scores screenshot

Live demo of headless Vue.js storefront

The backend service for headless eCommerce is using the fast GraphQL API in Crystallize. The backend service delivers product information (headless PIM) and rich marketing content (headless CMS) as well as capturing and fulfilling orders

The integration layer for your specific business logic is using the GraphQL Service API. The Service API implements our headless architecture best practice and manages operations like validating prices, capturing payment events, persisting orders, sending emails and business logic like discounts and vouchers.

Check it out yourself:

Vue.js headless eCommerce storefront screenshot

Livestream building Vue.js storefront

Learn more about how you can launch your own instance of the storefront with our YouTube livestream recording.