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Behind the Scenes

Jamstack Conf 2022

Crystallize #jamstackconf2022 story. In short: “I had a blast.”

Crystallize Retreat 2022

How do you build a remote team? Why company retreat is the best way to do it? What happened and what lessons did we learn last week at Crystallize 2022 retreat?

So, React Norway 2022 Happened!

Running a conference is no easy task but it is a rewarding one. While React Norway 2022 wasn't our first React conference it certainly was the best one yet.

Remix Conf 2022: The Overview

So RemixConf2022 happened last month. Remix Run is on fire. This tool/framework is the key to Frontend performance with its progressive unique approach. During the conference we’ve learned a lot about Remix, from its core concepts to navigation through the state machine, forms, HTTP cache, and more, and all transparently degraded when Javascript is off!

But let’s start from the beginning.