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Case Studies
Carlings Digital Collection

Carlings Digital Collection

Scandinavian retailer Carling’s stunt with Digital Collection influencing people to think differently about clothes, in general, was backed by a headless commerce architecture.

Carlings Digital Collection

The Carlings Digital Collection from 2018 was a remarkable illustration of fast and tailor-made online sales of virtual goods that aimed at raising awareness about the environmental effects of mass consumption and the waste that unworn clothing causes.

The entire profit was given to Water Aid.

Digital Clothing Collection

How do you satisfy influencers need for new clothes and be environmentally friendly at the same time? The solution Carlings team came up with was not only bold, but it was also nearly unprecedented.

Digital Collection allowed customers to buy a digital piece of clothing, upload a photo of themselves and have the artists at Vice digitally dress them up. The artwork would then be returned to the customers, ready to share on social media.

The custom checkout worked as follows:

  • You select a piece of clothing.
  • Upload a photo of yourself.
  • Pay 20 EUR.
  • Artists at Vice digitally dress you up in 3D and use the custom admin interface to send artwork to customers.
  • Customers are notified and get a page with artwork and one-click buttons to share on social media.
Digital Clothing Collection

Time To Market with Crystallize

The headless eCommerce service Crystallize was used to build the tailor-made eCommerce solution for Carlings in just a few weeks. It consists of a limited inventory of digital products. Payment integration with their chosen payment provider. Custom checkout workflow with an additional step of customers uploading pictures of themselves for post-production.

Post-payment workflow, on the other hand, included sending images to artists and having artists upload the artwork to be sent to the customer.

It was a great example of traditional retail eCommerce companies shifting their online business perspective towards tailor-made solutions that relied on headless architecture and a modern web development approach.

We’ve grown a bit since 2018. Not only in terms of features ;-)

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