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Site Speed Affects Adwords Pricing

The new Core Web Vitals has just been rolled out in Search Console and PageSpeed Insight. Site speed is more important than ever and the bar is raised. Check the performance of your website, you have likely dropped in ranking under the new metrics. This costs you organic traffic, but did you know that you also have to pay more for Adwords?

Quality score vs cost per click

Adwords pricing cost per click

The Adwords pricing is affected by your quality score, where site speed is one of the metrics. By scoring high in the quality score you get up to 50% discount on your CPC prices and in the worst-case scenario, you pay 400% extra. That can have a significant impact on your marketing budget.

Google also uses the quality score for ranking your ad. This means where your ad is placed, as always you want to rank higher to get better visibility and also higher click-through rates. You want to rank higher.

Quality Score

There are three components Google uses to make out your quality score. In relation to site speed, it is the landing page experience component that is important. With the core web vitals being released by Google to quantify the user experience. 

  • Click through rate based on history and competitors
  • Ad relevance in relation to the users’ search
  • Landing page experience, this is where site speed comes to play

Site speed and organic search traffic

Site speed has a direct impact on organic search ranking as well and you should be in the 90+ to not get a penalty by google. You can measure your site speed ranking now with the core web vitals metrics in PageSpeed Insights.

Page speed results with core web vitals