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Appendix 1 –
Crystallize (The Software Service)

Crystallize – Our headless API and SaaS based e-commerce and subscription engine – is described below and on our webpages (

Freedom. Crystallize enables your customers to define their content rich product catalogue and ultimately make it available in a custom e-commerce front-end of their choice for sale to end-customers. Products can be sold as one-offs or as a recurring subscriptions.

Control. Crystallize gives you and your customer an administration interface to create and manage its product catalogue, customer base and orders.

Insight. Statistics are provided. We will also try to look into the future with our predictive analytics functions.

Headless. Crystallize is so called headless. Headless means that we provide the products and functionality of Crystallize via APIs (Application Programming Interface). It enables you to implement a tailored customer experience i.e. customer webshops or apps.

Start. To help you and your customer to get started with Crystallize, we provide you and your customer with documentation and even sample code.

Learn more. For more information on Crystallize and technical requirements, go to our website: