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Appendix 2 –
Partner Program Terms

1We believe in making it simple

Crystallize makes things simple. Delivering value is core not only for the software, but also for our partner program. We only have one partner level. No sign up fees are required in order to become a partner.


In return for your unassisted sale of Crystallize, we will pay you this sales commission:

  • 20% on first years’ paid customer subscription fee for each customer you bring to Crystallize, plus
  • 10% of paid customer subscription fee for the duration of the time that the customer remains a Crystallize subscriber.

If a sale takes place based on a customer lead you have received from us, there will be no commission. However, you will keep all revenue from your own implementation services supplied to the customer.

3What Crystallize will do for you

3.1One-on-one enablement sessions
To get you started we will give you a one-on-one remote training session, as described on our web pages. Contact us, and we will schedule a time.

3.2Marketing and sales support
Crystallize gives you the right to market and sell Crystallize, use its trademark, provide you with customer leads and give you sales support.

Crystallize will support you in your sales and marketing activities by providing you:

  1. with visibility as a partner on our website, including by listing you as a Crystallize partner for promoting you and your projects;
  2. provide you with marketing material;
  3. with texts and corporate designs to be used by you; and
  4. organize and invite partners to joint marketing events and webinars.

3.3Partner portal
Crystallize gives you access to sales and marketing support material and technical support in our partner portal. This is a knowledge, sales and marketing resource repository for partners, from where you can download what you need.

3.4Training sessions
Crystallize may set up dedicated trainings sessions at selected locations and/or through selected channels upon request by you or other partners. Fees may apply for such training.

3.5 Trial version
Partner may use the not for resale trial version of Crystallize for product demonstrations, test and training purposes. The trial version of Crystallize may not be charged for or used for real, live customers use (including for sale to end-customer). No warranties applies to the trial version.

4What you as a partner need to do

First of all, you will implement great e-commerce solutions based on Crystallize, and the store front-end of your (or your customer’s) choice (front-end not provided by us).

4.2Activity = success
If you want to succeed, you need to actively sell: Organize sales seminars, breakfast meetings and similar sales events, use social media, send emails, advertise, write blogs etc.. Crystallize will support you as far as we can manage (and within reason).

4.3 Skill
You must have minimum one person with updated technical skills on Crystallize, in order to be able to implement the service.

4.4 Profile
Partners must establish and maintain an updated partner profile in the partner database. Names and other details must be kept correct at all times.

4.5 Product offerings
Partners must have a minimum of one dedicated contact person updated on Crystallize product offerings, available for customers.

You must

  1. collect customer’s contact details (for marketing purposes);
  2. forward relevant information received from Crystallize to all customers and team members of the partner;
  3. list Crystallize as a technology partner on your website;
  4. issue a press release about our agreement; and
  5. promptly follow up all customer leads received.

Partner must offer the subscription and any services at the current prices listed either on the partner portal or as issued by us. Any custom price offers must be agreed with Crystallize in advance.

4.8Avoid chaos
In order for you, us and other partners to succeed, we need some order. You therefore must comply with our guidelines for the sale, supply and use of Crystallize and related services, as they may be stipulated from time to time.

For you not to reflect negatively on your-self and us, all your customers must be treated in a polite, responsive and competent manner.

5Invoicing and payment of sales commission

When you have made a sale of a Crystallize subscription, you will

  1. request Crystallize for a customer account on which your implementation of the e-commerce solution will take place (trial version may not be used);
  2. provide us with the customer’s name, contact person’s name, address, e-mail address, phone number and any special needs; and
  3. direct any customer of solutions requiring payment card payment to the payment card page at (see customer Service Terms – appendix 4).

Crystallize will

  1. open an account for the customer and send you log-in details for your further provision to the customer and your own implementation use, and
  2. issue an invoice to the customer if no payment card payment is required (se customer service terms).

You will get on with the implementation project. Customer must pay any invoice within 14 days

When the customer has paid the subscription fee, Crystallize will transfer your commission. Payment of earned sales commission will be paid by direct bank transfer or other practical means we agree on