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72% Increased Conversion Rate: Moved from Magento to Crystallize

72% Increased Conversion Rate: Moved from Magento to Crystallize

MyRevolution recently switched its ecommerce platform from Magento to Crystallize. The reason for the switch was that they wanted a faster site and a tailor-made ecommerce experience that was much more suited to their customers. The results were stunning.

Crystallize proved to be significantly faster than Magento

The switch was done at the end of June, and results were beginning to show immediately.

The average load time went down from 8.5 seconds to 5.5 seconds. This is mainly due to the simple fact that it takes almost no time to fetch the data they need for the webshop from Crystallize. The remaining load time is for the most part images.

As a result of faster load times, simpler product presentation and frictionless checkout the average pages per session more than doubled. The graph below shows this.

Customers spend less time, find more and buy more

The users are looking at a bunch more pages for each session. From around 2.5 pages to an average of 6.

Even though the users are navigating more around, they are spending less time doing so, as this graph clearly shows. And they also buy more.

Magento performance optimization was one of the main reasons why MyRevolution moved from Magento to Crystallize.

Faster is better. Tailor made is better.

What can we take away from this? The increased speed allows the users to move around with ease, and a tailor-made ecommerce enables the customers to explore much more of your store.

The tailor-made checkout has also proved to be a huge success. This is just the beginning. The headless approach allows MyRevolution to continuously improve and optimize their shopping experience.

So that's all good, what about what really matters? How's the conversion rate?

Crystallize increased conversion rate by 72% compared to Magento

The change in conversion rate has been significant. The improved shop has a conversion rate that is 72% better than the previous average.

Crystallize, being the super fast headless ecommerce platform, allows MyRevolution to tailor-make their ecommerce solution and leaves the previous solution in the dust.

We are excited that MyRevolution chose Crystallize as their ecommerce platform. Check out the MyRevolution site, and their best-selling product Kollagen.