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Building a Webshop (Part 1)

Your site speed and performance play a great role in getting highly ranked in Google. During this event, we are building a tailor-made webshop Live using our Crystallize NextJs boilerplate. We will be customizing, configuring, and finally deploying it on Vercel.

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Building a Webshop (Part 2)

Continuing from our previous Building a Webshop Livestream, we will show you how to modify the already set up Next.js boilerplate by customizing product shapes, UI and redeploying all of that using Vercel.

Building a Webshop (Part 3)

In the final part of Building a Webshop Livestreams, Didrik (Head of Design at Crystallize) will be adjusting the UI to the latest update on custom shapes and pages and finally redeploying that using Vercel.

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