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Online Events with On-Demand and Live Streaming

Online events are in demand as ever before. With Crystallize you can build a tailor-made experience for online events including on-demand and live streaming with paid access as a one-off or a subscription. A good example is Gullpila which is an online live streaming and on-demand service built on Crystallize. Allowing the football club to reach a broader audience and build new revenue streams.

Live streaming online events

Live OTT Streaming and On Demand Videos

Gullpila built the service with live streaming of HD video using online access and paywall in Crystallize. Each live streamed event can be made available as an on-demand video allowing for long-tail access to content.

The videos are transcoded and delivered in HD or the highest quality available on the device the viewer is using. This makes the service available on a desktop as well as mobile when on move.

Selling Access to Online events

Crystallize enables organizations to sell tickets to online events easily. Tickets can be one-off, timed access, or subscription-based access. Rich product information defined in the PIM enables a compelling shopping experience.

Subscription based access paywall

Entitlement for Online Events

Giving access to online events and orchestrating the communication with the customer is designed using the fulfillment pipelines in Crystallize. Pipelines are defined based on the desired customer journey. 

Technically the orchestration is done with webhooks. Webhooks are signals that are being fired based on events that have occurred. Examples of events are:

  • Order created
  • Order state changed
  • Video content is added or updated 

The webhooks can be used to build integrations for access and entitlement, but more importantly, you can orchestrate communication with the customer. E.g. you can easily notify the customer when a new video or other content is uploaded or updated. 

This approach allows for a tailor-made customer experience. If you are streaming a concert, an e-learning webinar, or a football match you can build compelling experiences around it. Tailor-made customer experience built on a headless eCommerce strategy.