Developer Avocado

As a developer avocado (developer evangelist, developer advocate) at Crystallize you will be working alongside business development and marketing to create awareness and interest from the developer community. You will be working with our global partner and developer network to showcase Crystallize.

Key responsibilities:

  • Write articles/blogs with engaging code examples
  • Prepare and deliver presentations
  • Identify content and technology partner possibilities and promote it on own, social and 3rd party sites
  • Have a social visibility in the tech community
  • Have a strong media presence

Key qualifications:

  • Strong developer or tech evangelist background
  • Excellent communication skills including speaking at conferences, trainings and interviews
  • Excellent English written and spoken


  • Experience with Javascript, React and GraphQL
  • Enterprise e-commerce or PIM experience

About Crystallize

Crystallize is a headless commerce service enabling developers to build tailor-made e-commerce experiences with subscriptions and virtual products. The core of Crystallize is our blazing fast GraphQL API. Developer experience and time to market are our main drivers as milliseconds matter.

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Looks like fun right?

Beeing a Developer Avocado in Crystallize truly is. If you feel like this is something for you do not hesitate to send us a mail. We will be in touch as soon as humanly pos


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