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Carlings Digital Collection

Digital Clothing Collection

You can buy a digital piece of clothing, upload a photo of yourself and have the artists at Vice digitally dress you up. The artwork is delivered back to the customers ready to share on social media. The purchasing process is automated using the headless commerce service Crystallize.

The custom checkout works as follows:

  • You select a piece of clothing
  • Upload a photo of yourself
  • Pay 20 EUR
  • Artists at Vice digitally dress you up in 3D
  • Artists uses the custom admin interface to send artwork to customers
  • Customers are notified and get a sweet page with artwork and one click buttons to share on social media

As part of the campaign 100% of the revenues Carlings makes on this campaign are donated to Water Aid.

Time To Market with Crystallize

The headless commerce service Crystallize was used to build the tailor made e-commerce solution for Carlings in just a few weeks. It consists of a limited inventory of digital products. Payment integration. Custom checkout workflow with customers uploading pictures of themselves for post production. Post payment workflows include sending images to artists and having artists upload artwork to be sent to the customer.

It great example that e-commerce is going towards tailor made solutions.

Want to create digital products?

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