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Content Rich Storytelling Makes Juicy Ecommerce

Content Rich Storytelling Makes Juicy Ecommerce

Tell the story behind the product.

Rich content with storytelling makes for juicy eCommerce. Ecommerce is not just about super structured product information but about creating emotions through beautiful content.

Of course, you need detailed product specifications in your PIM, but for real storytelling, you also need beautiful images, rich descriptions, and stunning videos.

The Story Behind the Product

Products with a story can be immensely powerful. If you can connect with the customer on an emotional level, you are in a good place. Products still need to have the magic touch. To tell the story behind a product, you need rich media like the video above showing the single-speed bike Speed ONE ridden and described by an enthusiastic owner in a video. This content is part of the product information managed in a cloud PIM to tell the story behind it.

Rich content is, in this context, the key to successful ecommerce. In addition to the structured specifications like the low weight of only 9 kgs for this beautiful city bicycle, you need to describe the history and the details. For example, the description below of the heritage badge of the Speed bicycles.

Rich Product Content

Rich product information includes all the specifics of a product. Details are best communicated visually. To continue the story of the Speed ONE bicycle, they are delivering each bicycle with frame and saddle with matching numbers. The saddles are laser engraved with the unique serial number of the bike. That is a unique detail.

Visual Product Variants

Another example is when you have product variants like the lounge chair concept by Snowball. This product design is visualized in three color variations. When adding your product content to a headless eCommerce you want it described visually. Your PIM needs to support this type of rich product content.

Stories With Impact

Stores with impact sell products. Like the Speed ONE video of Stephen Bull from the top of this post-produced by the filmmakers at Splæsh. An engaging story about an owner and his bike. Here the product story is told via the customers behind the product. Very powerful.

When building your ecommerce infrastructure, make sure you can tell these stories. Stories with impact.

Omnichannel Approach

With an omnichannel strategy to ecommerce getting traction, being able to be where your customers are and delivering the type of content they want has become crucial for many businesses.

And there is no better way to tell a story about your product than with video.

Crystallize has re-imagined ecommerce with all of the above in mind, and we invite you to experience it yourself or (why not) schedule a 1-on-1 demo so we can show you how Crystallize fits your use case.