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Unicorn (Designer + Developer)

Unicorns are a rare breed. But we know they exist, as we have one already. And we really want more. Are you one?

As a unicorn at Crystallize, you will be designing UI for web and native Apps for our headless ecommerce service. As a bonus, you will also build the frontend code and administration interfaces for this. Just the way unicorns like it.

TLDR; sounds good apply now.

Our unicorn process looks something like this:

  • Using Figma to make wireframes and clickthroughs for interaction design
  • User testing of clickthroughs
  • Dressing wireframes in beautiful design using Figma (or Sketch)
  • Implementing the frontend using React or React Native
  • Functional, performance and SEO testing
  • Deploying using Vercel, Gatsby cloud or AWS

We normally have fun with things like:

How you can contribute to our team

You have a relevant educational background. Probably a bachelor or a master`s degree in design, software engineering, or similar.

You have a deep love for design, combined with good programming skills. You areable to beautifully use these two skills in a way that reinforces both and creates abetter product for our users.

You are eager to learn new things, and to share your knowledge with others.

You are always looking to improve your work, finetune those details and recognize that milliseconds matter.

How we keep our unicorns happy

At Crystallize we have a diverse team and can offer varied and challenging work as part of a fast-growing company. You will be able to put your skills to the test and learn from other very talented people. Your rare combination of design + programming skills will allow you to help us grow the team and the company. We encourage knowledge sharing and are organizing three conferences:

About Crystallize

Crystallize is a headless commerce service enabling developers to build tailor-made e-commerce experiences with subscriptions and virtual products. The core of Crystallize is our rich PIM with a blazing fast GraphQL API. Developer experience and time to market are our main drivers as milliseconds matter.

Unicorn designer / developer - A plush unicorn sitting on yellow background

Looks like fun, right?

Being a Unicorn (Designer + Developer) at Crystallize truly is. If this interests you, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail. We will be in touch as soon as humanly possible.

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