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Build a React Native eCommerce App with Crystallize

You can use React Native to build native Apps that run on both iOS and Android. When building your App you typically need a backend to serve your products, marketing content and to receive those orders. Crystallize serves as a fast backend for your App with both product information and the rich marketing content you need to build enjoyable App experiences. We got your back(end).


Build beautiful and snappy native Apps

Native Apps have some benefits compared to mobile web and progressive web apps. Firstly they are available in the iOS and Android marketplaces. They have often more snappy interactions. Better offline capabilities. Also, many managers have this “We need an App” attitude.

React Native App demo

Crystallize got your back(end)

When you are building an App that has products, or in-app purchases, you need a place to define those products. Often you also have marketing content to enrich the customer experience. The marketing content could be as simple as recipes with how-to videos to market your kitchen appliances. 

You can also create grids that highlight products and rich content like recipes. The shopping process ends in a purchase, this is where the order management and fulfillment pipelines come in. Here you can have a custom flow of orders to e.g. ship a physical package or enable an in-App feature. Webhooks allow for simple automation of order management.

All of this can be beautifully managed in Crystallize by your marketing team. And you have access to it all via the fast GraphQL eCommerce API.

PIM editorial UI screenshot

Open Source eCommerce App boilerplate

To help you get started we have created an open-source React Native eCommerce boilerplate. It is fully open-source and licensed under the MIT license. You can therefore use it as a starting point, also for commercial use.